This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. I am a Savvi Independent Brand Partner and this is written to the best of my knowledge and is based on my individual experience. Please read my full disclosure as well as the Savvi Income disclosure for more information.  

The question you might be asking – I’ve seen the clothes, but wondering can you make money with Savvi? The truth is there are multiple ways to earn as a Brand Partner or Affiliate.  

Highlights about earning with Savvi:

  • They make it simple.
  • There is no requirement to build a team to earn retail commissions on your personal sales. 
  • Many bonuses opportunities.
  • So how does this all work?  I highlight the key elements about how you can make money with Savvi below.

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Can you earn with Savvi?

Option One: Affiliate – Details of How You Can Make Money With Savvi As an Affiliate

  • Retail sales: earn 20-32% on customer purchases.
  • Additional shopping spree rewards: earn $50-$200
  • Earn shopping credits: up to $300 each month.
  • See more details in this quick affiliate overview video. Or read more on this program here.

Option Two: Brand Partner – Details of How You Can Make Money With Savvi As a Brand Partner

  • Retail Sales
    • Same as an affiliate earning 20-32% on customer purchases. There is no team-building requirement to earn this amount. You also can earn the shopping spree and shopping credit rewards as outlined above. 
  • Refer
    • You can refer both affiliates and brand partners
  • Team Commissions
    • As an active brand partner, you can earn team-building rewards, leadership rewards, and rank advancement commissions
    • You can get more information here.

Ok, that sounds good, but how much does it cost to get started?  Are there hidden fees?

It is only $79 to get started either as a Brand Partner or an Affiliate. There is no monthly fee.

In most cases, I recommend getting a package which offers additional discounts on clothes as well.  We have shopping sprees that offer extra value. In addition to the different levels of kits, you can get share codes where you can offer people $25 off (this is covered by Savvi) and are great for conversation starters.

You can see what is in the different kit options to the right. Not sure which kit would be right for you or have more questions – you can always set up a time to chat with me directly.

So, to answer the original question, yes there are a lot of ways you can make money with Savvi. The income you make is dependent on many factors.  Due to the timing (pre-launch) and popularity of the product (athleisure) the opportunity with this brand is big.

If you have the information you need and are ready you can enroll here. Want more information feel free to message me and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

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