That feeling when an opportunity passes you by – have you been there before?

Was there a time you feel like you let an opportunity pass you by?  I did, ten years ago when I was asked to do join a company on the ground floor and I said “no.” Well, I can tell you in hindsight to quote Pretty Woman, “big mistake, huge.”

When a brand new opportunity came across my plate I knew this was even bigger and even though I didn’t have a lot of time I needed to make time because it was that big. I don’t want others to miss out on this and am sharing why I think the potential is so huge and why the time is now.

“Those big opportunities only come a few times in your life.”

Have you known someone who was one of the first people in with a company?  Who has done better those who were first employees or those just joining in now?  It’s true for both start-ups and direct sales business.  Have you seen the recent price of Tesla stock?  Early is better.  For an idea where Savvi is on the projected growth chart look at the graph below (as of Sept 2020).

Savvi Fit Projected Growth

Product is Key

In a brand meeting with Frito Lay (I’m an ex-product marketer) they said “if you don’t have a good product you don’t have anything.”  This product is so good and such high quality I immediately knew it would be a success.  In my post about what to consider before joining a direct sales company I talk a lot about products for this exact reason.

“If you don’t have a good product you don’t have anything.”

Marketplace Trends are Also Critical

What is going on in the market is critical as well.  Like we learned watching Frozen 100 times with our kids – selling ice during perma-winter isn’t going to get you a lot of sales.  

Athelisure is around 40% of all women’s clothing sales and is projected to grow 7% YOY. On top of that you have an increase in online apparel sales with a large % of those sales being – you guessed it – athleisure. 

Here’s The Deal

If you’ve made it this far you probably are at the point where you want me to spill the beans on what I’m talking about here.  I won’t hold out – all the details are below.

  • Savvi Fit is brand new (just started in Jan 2020)
  • The company currently in pre-launch (it’s rare to find a company in this stage).
  • It’s premium athleisure wear (meaning the clothes are very high quality).
  • The product offering is for all shapes and sizes.
  • The perfect mix of fit, fashion, and function with excellent quality and price points.
  • Athleisure is a $75 billion category with strong projected growth.

“The perfect mix of fit, fashion, and function with excellent quality and price points.”

Ok – What’s In It For Me?

With this opportunity you get:

  • A chance to earn by wearing the clothes you wear anyway.*
  • A plug-and-play business in a box (no real box – it’s all virtual)!
  • The chance to introduce a soon-to-be global brand to your friends and family.
  • Personal business and marketing/social media mentoring from me.
  • A strong and supportive team (we’re the fastest growing in the company).

*See the full Terms & Conditions here

What are the Next Steps?

Quick 15 min Info Call

Learn more in a 15 min live call with me.  I’m happy to discuss anything you want to know and answer any questions to see if this is a fit for you. 

Get Details on The Different Options

Want to explore a bit more on your own?  You can read the different ways you can earn with Savvi.